Stronger Fairer Forward –
It is our duty to get the American Dream working for everyone. To make good on the promise that you can do better than your parents and that your kids will do better than you.
And to reward hard work and make sure everyone gets their fair shot and everyone does their fair share. Governor Phil Murphy

About Governor Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy was raised in a family that he often says was “middle class on a good day.” In reality, they were working poor. Only one of his parents held a high-school diploma. While they didn't earn much, they worked hard and gave their family an abiding faith, a love of country, a strong set of values, which was worth far more. Phil put myself through college and graduate school through a combination of part-time jobs and student loans.

Through hard work, and more than a little luck, he did better than his parents. That's the American Dream. But today, the American Dream has gotten harder to achieve for too many people. That's why Phil's priority is creating a pathway to opportunity and ensuring that people who are willing to work hard are able to do better than those who came before them. He knows that everyone deserves a fair shot and everyone must do their fair share.

“I did better than my parents. We have lived the American Dream. That dream is supposed to be the promise of America. Yet today, the American Dream that worked for a family like mine feels out of reach for too many.
Phil Murphy New Jersey Governor

Phil Murphy’s

Lowering Costs for Middle Class & Working Families

Governor Phil Murphy's top priority is making life more affordable for the middle class so that every family can realize the American Dream. That's why he kept his promise to never raise taxes and is working to lower property taxes for middle class families. And it's why he is working to reduce health care costs and lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Defending Women's Rights

Governor Phil Murphy believes that every woman should have the freedom to choose whether and when to have a family. That's why he passed the Reproductive Freedom Act to codify the right to have an abortion in New Jersey's constitution and expand access to birth control.

Expanding Opportunity

Governor Phil Murphy believes that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed and realize the American Dream. That's why he's invested record amounts in education and job training, increased the minimum wage, and made child care more affordable.

Building a Clean Energy Future and Protecting the Environment

Governor Murphy is committed to transitioning New Jersey to a 100% clean energy future by 2050 — lowering the cost of energy, creating good-paying jobs, and combating the threat of climate change.